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Rowe Equine Products

Rowe Equine Products vary in ingredients depending on the product, purpose, sweet or pelleted. All Rowe Equine Products contain the following additional non-required nutrients:

  • 100% of Trace mineral’s from the more digestible Chelated and Sulfate source including Organic Selenium Yeast

  • B-Vitamins including guaranteed levels of Thiamine for the processing of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calming of nervous horses and Riboflavin for energy production and growth.

  • Probiotics for increased well being, better metabolism, reduced stress and to maintain healthy and flourishing micro-organisms at optimal levels

  • Yeast Culture to benefit hindgut bacterial populations and nutrient digestibility.

Custom Formulas available upon request.

To learn more about these products, click on the links belows:  

Schrock's Equine Nutrition 

Rowe Nutrition is a distributor of Schrock's Equine Nutrition products.

These are fixed formulas and contain only the highest-quality ingredients.


 To learn more about these products, click on the links below:

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