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Nutrition for Guinea Pigs

Rowe Nutrition Guinea Pig formula is a fixed formula and contains only the highest-quality ingredients. Following is a list of nutritional benefits contained in our Rowe Guinea Pig formulations:

  • Formulated to meet or exceed the nutrient requirements of Guinea pigs

  • Contains high level of Vitamin C to exceed Guinea Pig requirement, B-Complexes including high level of Folic Acid

  • Probiotics at double the rate for increased well being, better metabolism, reduced stress and to maintain healthy and flourishing microorganisms at optimal levels and boost the immune system

  • Yeast Culture at 2x the normal rate for improved fiber digestibility

  • Added fat for increased energy without additional starch

  • Flaxseed for optimal levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and improved ratios of Omega 6 to Omega 3

To learn more about this product, click on the link below:

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