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Nutrition for Swine

Rowe Nutrition offers a variety of show and commercial swine feeds. Our formulas are fixed formulas and contain only the highest-quality ingredients. Rowe Swine Products contain the following:

  • All Swine Show Feeds are formulated from scratch like Carl S Akey taught Gene 45 years ago. 

  • Fixed Formulas, no least costing.

  • Multiple protein sources and additional palatability factors to assure proper muscle and skeletal development while encouraging feed intake.

  • Milk products for increased palatability. 

  • Steam Rolled Oats for increased depth of rib, fill and palatability.

  • Direct fed Live microorganisms improves feed efficiency  &  performance. Produces enzymes and as a result increases fiber and starch digestibility. Reduces the load of pathogenic bacteria to decrease health challenges and helps to maintain a normal healthy gut.

Custom Formulas available upon request.


All Swine Products - To learn more about these products, click on the links below:

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